When you say “vintage” in the world of fashion, it usually means something that is usually mid-century modern and are back in style. Remnants of earlier pop culture that are still worn today. Most of them are taken from the glorious decades of the 50’s and the 60’s.

As glasses are part of what people usually first notice on those who wear them, they have also become a vital player in the fashion industry with many designers including frames in their merchandise. Just like a good pair of ripped, acid wash jeans, vintage spectacle frames have also come back into popularity among the current generation.

One of the most popular vintage eyeglass type is the aviator. While they are more popular as sunglasses, designer aviator frames are solid enough to hold corrective lenses and could be a unique look for the wearer. The teardrop shaped glasses were first seen on Douglas McArthur in the 40s then on Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury subsequently making them popular in the 60’s upon the rise of the hippie counter-culture and is still widely popular among those who identify themselves as hippies today. Aviator style eyeglasses often suit oval or square shaped faces best.

Another eye-catching trend is the browline as they usually give off that geek chic vibe. Browlines are most commonly called clubmasters and are designed to mimic the way eyebrows frame the face. Therefore, they have thicker upper halves than the lower portion of the frames. Many famous people in the 50’s wore browlines. Among them are Malcom X and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Browline type glasses often come in different styles and shapes and there is one for every face shape.

Teashades, “John Lennon” shades, or round eyeglasses. However you call them, there is no stopping them in coming back into mainstream popularity. As they are famously related to John Lennon, this eyeglass shape often put together an iconic vintage artist look. While they are definitely a strong statement maker, round glasses are unfortunately not for everyone. They would look good on people with square and heart shaped faces.

Wayfarers are perhaps the most timeless of vintage eyeglass frames styles. As they look good on almost everyone, they also match any outfit and do not require rocket science to look put together on whatever occasion. Its most memorable wearers are The Beatles, James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marley. Wayfarers often give off an impression of laid-back, sophisticated coolness.

Wearing glasses may become a hassle in most situations. However, playing with their shape and style and finally finding something that works best for you and your personality could have an influence on how people would remember you. Just like the people mentioned above.