Retro style is a definition for popular items from the previous 15-20 years. They are no longer current and out of fashion. However, there are still people who wear them to give off a certain impression or pay homage to the past or they just like how the item looks on and fits them.

Cat eye spectacles are those with an upsweep on the outer edges on the temples. They are often pictured worn by fashionable women in the 40s with beehive hairstyles like Audrey Hepburn, Lisa Loeb, Elizabeth Taylor, and most notably Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire where her character gains confidence upon wearing a pair of the said glasses. The said character has helped skyrocket the fame of the said style as it has been associated with feminine confidence.

Horn-rimmed eyeglasses are originally made of horn or tortoiseshell. Or most of the time plastic that is made to imitate them. They were popular in the 20s after comedian Harold Lloyd wore them in his movie Over the Fence. While they gave an impression of physical weakness despite of high intellect, Theodore Roosevelt still chose to wear the style and somehow lifted the horn rim’s reputation.

Transparent frames were also made popular in the 40s. They use clear or subtly tinted plastic to create glasses that harmonized with the wearer’s complexion and clothing. Lightly-tinted or clear frames can be a funky fashion statement in a time where most people prefer to wear darker coloured frames.

Made popular by Jackie Onassis and Elton John, oversized frames have also crossed over to glasses. Almost every style has an oversized version and have graced runways as well as the faces of Anne Hathaway and Kate Upton. Oversized glasses are thought of as engaging and interesting and are often a conversation point. Most oversized glasses frames are made of acetate. However, there are a few available made of metal like titanium to keep them light.

As one of the main key players in the fashion industry, spectacle frames have also come to support a niche for people who prefer to wear retro style glasses. The accessibility of information through the internet has made the wearing of retro glasses and items more acceptable than the past decades and more people are sporting them with less fear of judgmental biases from the people they meet.