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The Vision Council of America estimates that four billion adults, roughly 75%, around the world wear glasses. Near-sighted vision is common among the younger generation while far-sightedness plagues those going into their seniors. Of all the people who wear glasses, one-third of them have different levels of astigmatism.

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of implements invented to correct vision problems. Aside from glasses, contact lenses are often the more convenient solution as it allows more freedom of movement than glasses. Laser surgery is also available for those who would prefer to correct the problem internally. However, both may cost a lot and are not without risks like itching, irritation, and possible infection.

Glasses offer painless vision correction and as they are put directly on the eyeball, they are often one of the things that people will notice about you. Whether you like it or not, glasses become a part of your whole package and will affect every person’s impression of who you are, in the same way clothes do. Which is why designer frames are part of the game as they look sophisticated and yes, the brand name also speaks for you.

Just like any other type of spectacles frame, designer glasses are not to be bought at a whim. You need to look for one that fits your face type and would stay put comfortably throughout the day. More so that they are a little bit more expensive than regular frames.

Speaking of price, the advantage of designer glasses frames is that they come with a warranty if they break as part of the aftercare package. Standard non-branded frames do not have that coverage and may mean a costly trip back to the opticians for a replacement pair.

If you are one of those who need to wear glasses during your waking hours, then investing in a pair of designer frames may be the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Look at the shape, material, and colour. Designer or not, comfort is a priority. However, if there is a way to maintain that comfort without having to shell out money every time because of cheap, easily broken frames, designer glasses would be the best option for you.

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